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Battlehack World Finals: Watch Australian hackers compete with the world

This weekend, 14 teams of hackers from around the world are at PayPal Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California for the final showdown. Required to create and execute on an idea in just 24...

Here are the hacks Melbourne developers are creating at BattleHack 2015

With just two hours left in PayPal’s BattleHack Melbourne round, the sleep deprived developers are approaching the end. Teams are taking turns to go through presentation rehearsals for their hacks and are receiving feedback...

BattleHack 2015 starts in Melbourne today! 24hrs to hack for good

PayPal’s development arm, Braintree are running their worldwide hackathon again in 2015. The first round this year will play out at the Plaza Ballroom, Melbourne, after first coming to Australia last year in Sydney....