Here are the hacks Melbourne developers are creating at BattleHack 2015


    With just two hours left in PayPal’s BattleHack Melbourne round, the sleep deprived developers are approaching the end. Teams are taking turns to go through presentation rehearsals for their hacks and are receiving feedback to make sure they best explain their idea and how it was built in the 2 minute time frame.

    As part of the entry submission process, each team is required to register their project, including team members and a brief overview of what the project aims to do. for those that build websites, it’s also an opportunity to link directly to their project. We’ve compiled the list and are giving you an inside scoop on the first hacks to come out of BattleHack 2015.


    Team: Jack Wang, Li Fang, arun p

    Using: PayPal, Localz

    Overview: Connected home system providing with everything you need.



    Team: Antonio Bibiano

    Using: Braintree, PayPal, Localz

    Overview: Beer it Forward is an app/website that gives you access to free beers around the city.
    When you register you get a couple of free beers to consume in some pubs.
    Then you pay forward a beer from the menu of a Pub, and unlock two free beers in any other Pub in your area.

    I’m able to do backend work in python/django need frontend developers and/or app developers.



    Team: Julian Smith

    Overview: Empowering street performers with Bitcoin to live work and travel.



    Team: Alexander McLeod, Mellisa Hankins, Sam Lee, roslyn lau

    Using: Braintree, PayPal, Localz, JustGiving

    Overview: We’re working on an emergency services quick response app.




    Team: Sam Burnett, Thanura Siribaddana

    Using: Braintree, PayPal, JustGiving

    Overview: Chority is a web app for the parents of Australia to help teach their children the value of giving, while encouraging them to do their daily chores.



    Team: John Dooley

    Using: PayPal, Bluecats

    Overview: Its an app to manage your donations and a way for volunteers to check if someone has donated. Uses PayPal Rest API, PhoneGap for volunteer app, BlueCat Beacon for location


    Team: James Bjorkman, Joel Richards

    Using: PayPal

    Overview: A distributed tool to aid communication in times of crisis, censorship, and oppression.




    Team: Arthur Cavallari, Dmitry Pokidov, Michael Leroy, Shane Neubauer

    Usng: JustGiving

    Overview: Keeping fit and donating at the same time!

    – angularJS
    – spring
    – sass
    – compass.


    Team: Andreas Limberopoulos, Rebecca Martin

    Using: Braintree

    Overview: Currently school and team based fundraising is dominated by the chocolate and ‘treats’ model. We aim to change this by creating a platform that allows parents and students to get sponsored by colleagues and peers to hit weekly fitness targets. This sets a a better example for children regarding healthy eating, encourages reaching fitness goals and provides and easy fun way for schools and sporting teams to raise funds.



    Team: Ivan Wang

    Using: PayPal

    Overview: Out of Cash? ATM too far? Use the Human ATM! An app to find someone with cash and reimburse them with a commission via paypal.




    Team: Maxim Shklyar

    Using: PayPal, JustGiving

    Overview:  Mobile app that let users call for emergency and non-emergency help. Geo location is sent with both requests.
    Emergency request is immediately sent to a pre-configured list of user’s family and friends. Non-emergency help request requires monetary reward.
    Reward can be paid to a helper or donated to a charity. Application works on Android, iOS and in browser.



    Team: Ben M, Mike Goonetilek

    Using: Braintree, PayPal

    Overview: Donations for questions. Donations are distributed to charities.




    Team: Alexandre Silva

    Overview: APM Consultant and Ninja Rider!



    Website: http://TBA

    Team: Andrej Griniuk, Christopher Michaelides, John Lyons, Tom Frauenfelder

    Using: PayPal

    Overview: The largest contributing factor to cyclist safety is visibility. NIGHTRIDER is a cycling jacket combined with wearable electronics to produce an intuitive experience where a cyclist’s intention to turn and slow down is better communicated to drivers.

    The NIGHTRIDER app also supports route navigation (safer route vs faster route) which is communicated to the driver through peripheral light guidance on the rider’s wrists.

    The NIGHTRIDER app itself also facilitates PayPal payment for the purchase of the jacket itself, navigation expansion pack, and payment of ad-hoc repair services; the social element in joining “Bike Pools” to find out the location of cycling groups riding home together; and the activation of hazard lighting – so that riders are highly visible when attending to tire tube changes.




    Team: Bradley Clayton, Chris van Raay, Hadi Michael, Kelly Jennings

    Using: Braintree, PayPal

    Overview: Our platform will use PayPal (and online transactions) for preemptive natural disaster relief.

    It relies on a crowd-funding / JIT-manufacturing model, to build and dispatch technology that improves early detection. The early detection is then used for both notifying emergency response teams, as well as releasing funds to provide timely relief.

    Given the impact of bushfires on Victoria, our hack today will focus on bushfire relief as an example.



    Team: David Vuu, Hery Hope, Matt Bell, Steven Miller

    Using: Braintree, PayPal, JustGiving, Bluecats

    Overview: Team SingleEagleTear are looking to make donating easier for both donors and charities of all sizes. We are aiming to integrate BlueCats Beacons, Charity Data from JustGiving and Vaulted Payments from BrainTree.

    We will be building a mobile app with PhoneGap and Ionic (AngularJS) utilising a backend built on .NET MVC.

    Our goal is to build a snazzy, functional mobile app that makes it easier than ever before to support charities.



    Team: Alexandre Andrade, Anthony Tomasello, Camilo Borges, Steven Swor

    Using: PayPal

    Overview: A bin that detects the type of rubbish placed on a tray. It is then deposited into either rubbish or recycle. Users have the option of collecting a reward for their recyclables or allowing their reward to go towards a good cause.


    Team: Savant Krishna

    Using: PayPal, Localz

    Overview: A quick and efficient way to support your favorite local street performers!



    Team: Alex Crompton, Christopher Francis

    Using: Braintree

    Overview: TapTrainer is a gym management app that aims to streamline the gym experience for gym patrons and reduce the administration burdons for gym staff. With an ultra low entry cost, TapTrainer is targetting smaller, local gyms by bringing them services traditionally only available to larger gyms. TapTrainer also aims to encourage people to once again use their local gyms and motivate them to keep fit.



    Team: Kaveh Azad, Linton Wood, Roberto Gianisella

    Using: Braintree, JustGiving

    Overview: Timebee is a platform that let’s anyone sell their spare time in an online marketplace.
    You’re available between 7-10pm tonight? not doing anything? Why not walk someones dog, deliver your neighbours groceries or checkin someones guest on airbnb? Now you can.

    And, if you’re feeling generous, you can choose to donate your earnings to charity.

    We don’t like to see your time wasted, why not get paid for doing things you enjoy, or help others in need with your time rather than your wallet.


    UP DOG

    Team: David Austin

    Using: Braintree

    Overview: TOTO is a lo-tech payments system for the developing world. Using a basic smartphone with only a camera, TOTO enables purchases payments via a Braintree integration.

    Even in remote areas if your phone can send an SMS it can make a payment.

    TOTO – Making it rain in Africa!




    Team: Greg Dziemidowicz, Michael Milewski

    Using: Braintree, PayPal

    Overview: Buskers and street performs are struggling as our society goes cashless. Val Pal aims to return Value to buskers who provide you Value. With Val Pal you can quickly pay a busker who makes you smile ($2), makes you laugh ($5), leaves you with a thought ($10), entertains you or your kids for 30 minutes ($25), or gives you a stock tip ($50) with any web browsing device. You can even track down a busker you saw earlier and only later that evening or that week you feel that their performance was worth giving back some value for.



    Team: John Dooley

    Using: PayPal, Bluecats

    Overview: This is a charity based website development allowing people to make donations easy.




    Team: Dilantha Nanayakkara, Sahil Saggar

    Using: Braintree, PayPal

    Overview: A quick and easy service to receive alerts when there is a new release of a software, package, tool, library, just anything that you use everyday. Do not miss out the security updates ever. 
    Subscribe and stay up-to-date.



    Team: Edan Harig, Jared Winter, Pavel Baranov, Tom Lyons

    Using: Braintree, PayPal

    Overview: Charging solutions in metropolitan areas. Talk to us for more 🙂



    Team: Alex Skrypnyk, Marton Bodonyi, Thom Toogood

    Using: Braintree, PayPal

    Overview: Bored? Have 15 minutes to an hour? Every wanted to be a superhero? You can help anybody in your neighbourhood, get paid, and be their superhero.



    Team: Christopher Bartlett, Leon Gouletsas, Matt John, Oyemike Ebinum

    Using: Braintree, JustGiving, Bluecats

    Overview: Make a wish, tell a story, change the world!


    So now you’ve seen the plans for what Australia’s developers have planned, leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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