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Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept car premiers at CES, another distraction we don’t need

Is this the future of cars? I don't know, but Mercedes certainly think it is. The Vision AVTR was revealed on stage at CES today and is one of those cars that's both brilliant...

LGs hideaway OLED TV solves a problem you don’t have

During CES today, LG made headlines for their showcase of a TV that retracts away into a box, rolling up in a relatively small space. While technically impressive, the display aims to solve a...

Get ready, 8K TVs are coming! TCL 8K 75″ TV coming Australia in July

The CES TV war is well and truly underway. TCL have announced its 2019 TV range and we've got the Australian details for you. TCL's new lineup will feature a range of brand-new 75"...