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Word 2013

In the Word 2013 Preview, there’s a few new features to make a good product even better. One of those features you may not know about relates to co-authouring documents. You can now have one writer using the full blown desktop application of Word 2013, while another colleague is also working on the same document via the web app.

Previously both authors had to use the web app, with the document stored on SkyDrive for co-authoring to work. While it may seem like a subtle differentiation, it’s a very important one to those that co-create documents. This is one key difference between Word 2013 and its biggest competitor Google docs.

Edits are locked per-paragraph and highlighted in green when your co-editors are changing content. There’s also the integration of a Outlook-style contact card for editors which allow for easy access to contact them via IM, Email or Phone.

What isn’t yet know is how the mobile Word app on Windows Phone 8 will have be able to join the productivity party.

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