Continuum seamlessly switches between desktop/tablet modes in Win10


Windows 10 has a new feature called Continuum which detects changing devices (keyboard of not) and adapts seamlessly. In the first shot, you’ll see the OS running in tablet mode, where apps run in fullscreen and that pesky title bar is thankfully gone. If you remove the keyboard on a Surface 3, then the title bars are back, giving that familiar windows desktop experience.

This is expected in the next release, which Joe Belfiore says will come thick and fast over the next 3,4,5 months.

To change modes is quite simple and completely optional. When the device changes, you will see a prompt in the bottom-right corner of the screen, right where your thumb would be in tablet mode. It asks if you’d like to switch the appropriate mode and if you accept, the OS adapts. This is a big step forward for those who use convertible devices.


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