Cybertruck Tri-motor moves up to 2021 production

Tesla’s Cybertruck is one of the most interesting products to watch. The initial controversy of the design and launch event has made way for some real momentum.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the cybertruck is the pricepoint Tesla was able to reach for the entry-level model at US$39,900. This surprised many and has made space for many buyers to stretch for the highest model, the Tri-motor AWD model.

Musk’s last update on pre-orders revealed that they had reached 250,000 orders (refundable) for the Cybertruck, a number most automakers would be incredibly envious of.

Prior to that, when 146,000 had been ordered, Musk had also confirmed the breakdown of models. A massive 41% of orders at the time had been for the most expensive model.

We now see an update to the delivery timeframes of each model, with deliveries of the Tri-motor AWD Cybertruck now moved up to 2021, previously slated for 2022.

The now less-popular single motor RWD version is now last in the production process and is due late 2022. This indicates continued, strong demand for the Tri Motor AWD model that starts at US$69,900.

This is kind of a big deal as the stunning 500miles (800km+) range and 2.9s 0-60mph acceleration was expected to require some serious battery capacity to achieve. With estimates of between 150 and 200kW of battery pack, achieving those prices a year earlier means Tesla are confident they can achieve a continued reduction in the cost of batteries that keep the supply and cost achievable.

More information at Tesla.

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