Facebook just did something awesome for you and your kids


    The jobs of the future won’t be in manufacturing, they’ll be in writing the software that drives the robots in the factories. Programming is such a fundamental skill that all kids should have exposure to it, even if they’re don’t end up going into a computer-related industry, every industry is being impacted by software and coding.

    While many kids use apps on their phones, not enough stop to think, what’s different about me and the person who created this? When they realise the answer is simply knowledge and effort, they quickly learn that they are both attributes that can be achieved by anyone with motivation to learn.

    Facebook has launched a new site today called TechPrep.

    Given our education system around the globe are lagging behind technology, Facebook sees they can play a key role in educating both kids and adults in programming. Many parents struggle to understand where to start, given many didn’t grow up engaged by technology, but as the industries they work in are effected, it’s a great opportunity for parents and kids to learn together.

    Seriously, one of the best things you could do for your children’s future, is spend the time to sit down together, go through this website and start learning. You may ignite the inquisitive, problem solving flame inside them that leads them forward to create the next big app, service or solve the biggest problems in the world.


    After selecting you’re profile (parent or child), then selecting your age and experience level in programming, Tech/prep will then recommend a number of services including Codeacademy, Coursera, Edx, Khan Academy and Udacity. If you select tinkering and toys, you’ll get suggestions like building on the affordable Arduino hardware platfrom.



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