ForestFly shows off the power of HTML5 Canvas


HTML5 and JavaScript is undoubtedly the future of the web. It was only last month we brought you the slick HTML5-powered movie site for the Hunger Games, now its time to look at another. ForestFly takes advantage of the HTML5 canvas, video and audio tags to create a beautiful online experience.

After signing in with your Facebook account, ForestFly animates your images across a multi-layered forest-themed environment. After selecting a Facebook album, the multi-layered presentation is loaded. With animated dust particles, semi-transparent and blurred album title, a timeline of photos panning right to left and subtle environmental sound effects playing, it all builds to an mesmerizing canvas.

Functionality wise, you can adjust the scrolling speed or position, but the elements do reposition and resize automatically when scaling the window size.

You can read all about how the site was developed in just 5 days over at

More @ ForestFly


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