Forza Horizon 3’s 4K upgrade for the Xbox One X available now

Just like its big brother, Forza 7, Forza Horizon 3 is now Enhanced for Xbox One X. That means the developers have done the hard work of going back to the original game that shipped in 2016 and upgraded the visuals, textures, lighting (inc HDR) and what was already a gorgeous game, now looks even better.

After firing up FH3 after the update, the changes were immediately obvious on my Samsung 65″ Q7F. Everything was crisper, more detailed and more lifelike. We also have to remember the game is set in Australia, so seeing famous locations like Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay, displayed with such clarity is something to behold.

Naturally the environments from sandy beaches to the foliage of jungles look amazing, as do the reflections on the road surface, but its the vehicle models that really shine. Being so close to the camera, its an easy point of difference between the original version of the game and the newly updated graphics.

The 4K update is free and out now, but is only available to those with the Xbox One X, sorry original Xbox One owners, time for an upgrade.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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