Gigafactory Berlin ready to start producing Model Y in mid-2021

Tesla has 2 new factories in the works this year, Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas. While we know from the experience of Shanghai, Tesla is able to build new manufacturing facilities at a record pace.

While Elon Musk has only mentioned a timeline of some time in 2021, it looks like Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany will be ready a lot sooner than everyone though.

The Model Y Long Range order page currently shows the following timeline for new customers:

Production is expected to start in mid-2021.

Gigafactory Berlin will be producing Model Y, Model 3 and the batteries to go in them. While we’ve now seen Tesla’s famous single-piece castings shipping from Freemont, Gigafactory Berlin will also feature these mega casting machines and likely the structural battery pack with the new 4680 cells Musk detailed at battery day.

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The start of production is the first step, ahead of customer deliveries, which is likely to follow a month or two later.

If you’ve been watching the drone videos shared by fans on YouTube, you can see the amazing progress of the factory. The scale of the is factory is seriously impressive and is expected to have a production capacity of 250GWh and 500,000 cars.

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