GitHub hit with DDOS attack

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Code sharing and project website GitHub is currently suffering a Distributed Denial of Service attack. They have been unavailable throughout the day and their status page reflects that. At times they were completely offline, while occasionally getting on top of things and being semi-operational.

There’s currently no information on the source or reason that GitHub is being targeted.


5:12 UTC The site is unavailable again. We are still fighting against an ongoing DDoS. We’ll provide additonal updates as we have new information.

4:32 UTC The site continues to be operational while we mitigate an ongoing DDoS attack. We will provide updates as the situation changes.

4:07 UTC The site is up. We’re still mitigating the attack and monitoring services.

4:02 UTC The site is unavailable again. We appear to be under another DDoS attck which we are working hard to mitigate.

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