Jeda Wireless Charger v4 for Tesla Model 3’s and Y’s (2017-2020), one of the easiest accessory upgrades you’ll ever do

    Back in 2019 when I bought my Model 3, there was a place for phones, but charging required connecting or at least docking your phone to a cable. Given the proliferation of wireless charging on our desks, our bedside tables etc, having it in your car just makes sense, just get in, drop your phone on the wireless charging pad and get to the task of driving. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll have more charge than when you started.

    Tesla accommodated this demand with an interior refresh in 2020, but many of the early adopters still need a solution.

    One popular solution to this problem is the Jeda Wireless Charger. Previously I had their V3 option and recently upgraded to the V4 product.

    After opening the box, the hardware appeared similar but offers some really nice refinements over the earlier generation.

    To start with, the rubberised surface that was easily scratched has now been replaced by an Alcantara finish that feels much more premium than before. The size and dimensions are all the same and looking from the back, they look identical.

    The wireless charging pad gets its power via 2 USB cables that pass through to connect to the car’s USB ports. I happen to also have the Jeda USB Hub which takes the two USB-A ports in my model and transforms them into 2x USB-A and 2x USB-C ports, along with a USB-A port for sentry mode devices.

    Another really nice change to V4 of the wireless charger is the inclusion of 3x USB cables. These offer the flexibility to choose from USB-A and USB-C to micro USB that connects to the back of the wireless charger.

    The reason this is important is the flexibility it provides in connecting it to your car. If you are using a USB port to connect to an Xbox Controller for gaming in the car, then having the ability to connect one side of the charger to a USB-A port and the other to a USB-C port, is really is a nice place to live.

    Once installed, I dropped my Google Pixel 6 Pro on the charger and as expected, charging begins. The installation took all of 5 minutes and is easily one of the best upgrades you can do to your Tesla.

    When it comes to speed, the Jeda Wireless Pad can charge Android phones at up to 15W, while iOS will get just 5W.

    Something I’ve always appreciated is the ability to use flagship smartphones which are typically the largest on the market, which means it’ll happily accommodate all phone sizes and models with fast-charging capabilities.

    The ability to position 2 phones side by side, or a single phone in landscape orientation is something this offering makes available, while many competitors don’t. Jeda also added MagSafe magnets and support for wireless headphones, such as AirPods and Pixel Buds, can wirelessly charge in place.

    The Jeda Wireless Pad v4 costs US$99 and is designed for Tesla Model 3’s and Y’s (2017-2020) + delivery. It is available now from

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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