Looks like Amazon is building a social network with Amazon Profile

Its Sunday afternoon and I stumble across this Tweet from Harsh Agrawal about Amazon. The post suggests Amazon may be trying to start a social network and the screenshot definitely looked to confirm that, so I took a look myself and yep, we all have profiles on Amazon that allow people to follow you.

Before the privacy police pickup their pitchforks, this is most definitely not a place where your transaction history is shared with the world. I wouldn’t be opposed to having a privacy control where at least some of your purchased products could be shared with the world and if you get affiliate money for friends buying those products, that’d be even better.

Right now it’s very sparse, understandable given there’s been zero promotion around these profiles. Feel free to follow my Amazon Profile.

Like most social networks, you can add a profile photo (usually already there from your Amazon account), as well as a banner image, a bio and links to your life on other social platforms.

Under the heading of ‘Insights’ it lists the number of helpful votes, the number of reviews you’ve made on products and the number of followers.

There’s also a section listing ‘Community activity’. Personally I don’t often go back to a product I bought and rate or review it, that’s what techAU is for, so my profile is very boring right now.

You can try it yourself, just visit the following link, then click on ‘Profile’ under ‘Ordering and Shopping Preferences’ which is actually a very strange category to place it in.

Credit to @denharsh on Twitter for the link.

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