Melbourne Metro Trains are all broken right now, computer fault blamed (Updated)

    Image Credit: Andrew Brain on Twitter

    Right now Uber prices have surged up to as much as 3.7 times the normal rate. This is due to a complete meltdown of the Metro Train network.

    Basically all metropolitan trains are currently suspended and passengers are being asked to wait it out, to not force the train doors open even if they’re at a stop.

    As for getting home from work, tonight will be a long commute home. Hundreds of awaiting passengers are lining the platforms at major hubs like Southern Cross Station as they wait for trains that aren’t coming.

    This is pretty much as bad as it gets with the entire network effected, for what is being described as a computer glitch.

    Of course we’ll have to wait firstly till its back up and running, but secondly, the days and weeks for a full investigation to get to the bottom of it, but it does wonder how any kind of fault other than a networked virus or ransomware, could impact all lines.


    MetroTrains are now reporting that some services are resuming. Still we have no further explanation on the cause or the timeframe for a full restoration of services.

    For more updates, please follow the official @Metrotrains account on Twitter.

    Update 2

    The website for MetroTrains – has just crashed (5:30PM) no doubt from the load of people visiting there to get information on how or when they’ll get to go home.

    Update 3

    The rest of Melbourne’s Public Transport system is being impacted as well as commuters look for alternatives.

    Update 4

    While some trains are back in action, some commuters are highlighting continuing issues with the display signage on some carriages. It looks to be in a boot loop that displays system messages like ’32K RAM’.

    As you can imagine, the hashtag  quickly started trending with first hand accounts from in and outside of trains, as well as Twitter’s typically witty Gif city.


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