Oculus Rift support coming to Dirt Rally next week

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    Dirt Rally is without a doubt one of the best racing games ever created. That game is about to get even better with an update next week that’ll add support for the Oculus Rift. Developers Codemasters get a lot of credit for making a game that’s actually really hard, mostly because that reflects reality. One way to add to that realism, is to make it more immersive with VR.

    Fans of the game knew this was coming, but we didn’t have an exact timeline. I’m glad to confirm that come next week, specifically July 11th (US time), official Oculus Rift support will arrive for the PC version of DiRT Rally.

    The goal here is ultimate immersion, instead of having a preset camera position, your vision is now something you’re in control of. With the rift on, you can look around the cabin, or more importantly, look to the apex of a corner, or out the side window to catch a drift or avoid a competitor. You’ll be absorbed even further into the game as you take on some of the most challenging real life rally locations in the world, battling the elements in glorious VR.

    This guy probably isn’t playing Dirt Rally, but gives you a great understanding of how it will be for those with serious simulators and virtual reality headsets.

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    And it’s not just rally that the VR experience will heighten, either. Ever wondered what it’s like to peer over the edge at Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, or look around you on the starting grid of an FIA World Rallycross Championship race?

    DiRT Rally VR will release with the Oculus Store on 11th July, while existing PC players will receive an update on the same day too. Here’s a teaser of the update in action, giving you a preview of what’s in store for those lucky gamers with an Oculus Rift.

    Codemasters say they’ve been playing it the office, and have had people flinching, leaning and screaming in their rigs, so its safe to say: get ready to have your senses assaulted.

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    Jason Cartwright
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