PAX Australia 2013 – Day 2 got weird


As day 2 of PAX Australia wraps up and the Saturday night after parties fire up, it’s time we took a look at what happened today. First of all the guys from 2K Games absolutely rocked it on stage with the announcement and demo of Borderlands 2 DLC. They managed to do what most companies haven’t, that’s live stream their event from PAX. They used the popular gaming streaming site

One of the more impressive elements today was some of the amazing cosplay that was on show. While there was certainly many contenders, these guys below from Borderlands, complete with their own Claptrap were widely regarded as some of the best.


Let us know if you attended the Geek Parenting: Raising Generation v2.0 or the Good Game Ask Us (almost) Anything panels. If you were watching the #PAXAus updates on twitter today, they both sound seriously interesting, hope someone had a video camera.

Tomorrow is the last day of PAX Australia for 2013, and while there’s more great things you can line up for like the Penny Arcade Q&A or the Pitch Your Game Idea session, I’d heavily suggest you get your butt to the Jeff Cannata (from the Totally Rad Show) session at 4:30PM tomorrow.

If you went to PAX Australia today, what where your highlights? Leave a comment and let us know, also what are your plans tonight in Melbourne, what happens to gamers after dark? Do you go out on the streets and show off your gaming passion to regular humans, turn into zombies or find the nearest internet cafe for an impromptu LAN session ?

Top image credit: Astro Gaming

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