PS4’s PlayRoom will destroy your face with robots


PlayStation Australia has just revealed The PlayRoom, a technical demonstration of the new experiences made possible with PlayStation 4. The PlayRoom combines the new features of the DualShock 4 controller with the PlayStation 4 Eye (optional accessory) to create a new augmented reality experience.

· Light Bar – tracked by the PlayStation 4 Camera to create augmentations, like holographic panels around you on screen.

· Touch Pad – easy to use for scrolling and interacting in the various AR environments. Players can touch, move and play with AR characters like Asobi, an interactive flying robot who comes out to play in your living room.

· Motion Sensor – take a look at how a classic Air Hockey game is given a holographic visual treatment, with players stretching, twisting and bending to try to get the upper hand.

· Improved Dual Motors – watch how you can interact in different ways with AR Bots via the DualShock 4 controller’s Dual Motors and Speaker.

The PlayRoom also supports other devices like your mobile phone, tablet or PlayStation Vita, you can draw anything you like, flick it and it becomes a 3D plastic toy for the AR Bots to chase after. PlayStation say this is just the start, but the question is.. does this preview get you excited about the possibilities of the PS4 or just confuse you?

A number of times during the video the guy looks at the robot beside him, if you do this, you’ll be staring at the wall, not looking at the robot like the video makes out. While the video has ‘Actual PS4 Footage’ stamped on the lower-left, really they mean this is what you’ll see on your TV.

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