Tag: Fintech

    Amazon Prime Video introduces new User Interface for Enhanced Streaming Experience

    Amazon Prime Video is rolling out a complete User Interface overhaul. The interface changes aim to deliver a clear and simple streaming experience with the changes to user experience, beginning its global rollout today and be available for all Amazon customers two weeks from now.  At a high level, there are 4 key pillars to this update and the Prime Video experience:  A content-forward navigation barThis...

    Optus really wants you to try their mobile network, offers free 7-day eSim with 30GB of data

    When you are second place in Australia's mobile market, sometimes you've got to get creative to steal market share. Optus is now offering Australians a chance to try out it's mobile network for free. Optus has made big investments in its mobile network, improving speeds and coverage. Making the switch to a new mobile provider can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, so to remove...

    Fintech startup Wave, acquired by H&R Block, NAB Ventures first exit

    Heralds the first exit for NAB’s Venture fund, three years after fund launch.

    Aussie fintech Invoice2go​ ​reaches​ ​$2 Billion​ ​milestone,​ ​launches​ ​tap​ ​and​ ​go​ ​payment

    Invoice2go​ recently launched a new tap and go payments feature with ​PayPal Here, enabling Australia’s smallest businesses to be paid in person, wherever they...