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    Amazon Prime Video introduces new User Interface for Enhanced Streaming Experience

    Amazon Prime Video is rolling out a complete User Interface overhaul. The interface changes aim to deliver a clear and simple streaming experience with the changes to user experience, beginning its global rollout today and be available for all Amazon customers two weeks from now.  At a high level, there are 4 key pillars to this update and the Prime Video experience:  A content-forward navigation barThis...

    Optus really wants you to try their mobile network, offers free 7-day eSim with 30GB of data

    When you are second place in Australia's mobile market, sometimes you've got to get creative to steal market share. Optus is now offering Australians a chance to try out it's mobile network for free. Optus has made big investments in its mobile network, improving speeds and coverage. Making the switch to a new mobile provider can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, so to remove...

    Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV starts at A$71,900, up to 451 km range, just 400 available in November

    Hyundai has unveiled their pricing for the IONIQ 5 battery-electric medium SUV in Austrlaia. Set to go on sale in September, it's hard to...

    Lyft to offer Level 4 autonomous robotaxi using Hyundai IONIQ 5 in 2023

    Hyundai recently unveiled the IONIQ 5, which looks to be a really compelling entrant to the EV market. This vehicle just became way more...

    Hyundai Ioniq5 revealed, lots of new things to love. Get it to Australia and fast!

    The new Ioniq has a lot to like and we need in in Australia yesterday.