Telstra launch new WiFi API for developers


    Telstra have just released a new API for developers to leverage in their applications. The latest API is for WiFi hotspots and allows apps to surface the location of Telstra AIR WiFi Hotspots for a specified location. Typically developers would leverage the user’s current latitude and longitude coordinate of the user and allow them to call the API based on a radius, the API will then return a list of Telstra AIR WiFi hotspots in that area.

    This adds to other APIs released from Telstra, including SMS, Connect and Mobile Connect.

    Telstra do already offer their own app to discover Telstra Air hotspots, but if a developer wants to integrate these locations into an existing WiFi finder app, it is now possible.

    This API is free and unlimited to use, unlike the SMS API, which has a 1,000 calls per month limit. The developer portal also has some more information in their Q&A section.

    Q: What coordinate system is used for the latitude and longitude inputs?
    A: The WSG84 standard is used with the Decimal Degrees format. Example inputs:

    • latitude: -37.818496
    • longitude: 144.953240

    Q: What is the maximum radius that can be searched?
    A: The maximum radius is 2000 (meters).

    Q: What is the limit of records returned in the response ?
    A: The number of records in the response is limited to 10.

    More information at via @FrankArr

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