Telstra’s Android update schedule

Android updates on Telstra (Image credit: Telstra // Flickr)

By now you’ve likely heard the figures on Android device upgrades lagging far behind that of its competitors. Despite Ice Cream Sandwich being the latest and greatest, less than 1% of Android devices are actually running it. Now not all smartphones are capable of making it all the way to 4.0, some like the HTC Velocity 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation are.

Those of you with older models, may also have an update on the way. Even moving from Froyo to Gingerbread is a substantial and worthwhile upgrade. While it should be unacceptable that manufacturers are still shipping devices without the latest version of Android, there is some end in sight for Telstra customers.

Check out the table below to see when and which upgrade you can expect for you’re Android smart phone. One of the most interesting is the recently reviewed HTC Velocity 4G, which is due to get ICS.. well, now.


More info @ Telstra

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