The controversial redesign of iOS7


You have two options, love or hate. Apple’s controversial redesign of iOS7 is the largest change to the UI since the launch of the first iPhone. It’s cleaner, simpler design, following industry trends. The new design either feels fast and light, or a little Fisher Price, it’s a very individual decision.



Siri has been in beta since it launches around 2 years ago and it finally ready for mainstream. It didn’t escape the redesigned UI, but as the screenshot above indicates, it does have a couple of new tricks.


Credit where credit is due. Apple didn’t go half in on the new UI, it’s absolutely everywhere. Every part of the existing OS interface has been redone, now the hard work starts for developers to update their apps and implement the new design language. Only once those app updates come through, can apps once again feel like they are part of the OS.

Overall it’ll take some getting used to, but I do love the new design of iOS7, but judging from the reaction online, many don’t. It’s a big change and that’s always going to scare people.

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