The return of bloatware (RealPlayer 11), ads legal DVD ripping


    Many years ago we all used Real Player, some of the earliest video online was Real Video. A few versions later and the bundled bloatware sent consumers running. Looks like they’re still at it, persisting with partner integration – this time Google. With 30 second pre-rolls (even before trailers) and upsells to their ‘Superpass’ everywhere, an advertising (I mean message service), it doesn’t seem like much has changed at Real.

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    That aside, Real are launching the “All New Realplayer 11”, if your interested, check out more @ Real. About the only redeeming feature for RealPlayer is the new ability to ‘legally’ rip your DVD’s to your hard drive. It remains legal by keeping the DRM and restricting playback to 5 nominated machines (same as iTunes).

    Whilst the option of creating a legal no-disc movie library is inviting, I can wait for an alternative.

    Via TechCrunch.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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