Twitter for Windows Phone gets new features in 3.0

WP8 Twitter update

Great news for Windows Phone users this morning, Twitter has updated their app on Windows Phone to version 3.0. One of the biggest changes in this release is the ability to set Twitter as your lockscreen agent. This means if you have peek enabled, you can simply wave your hand over the device to wake the lockscreen and see the latest tweet. 

A strange omission from the update is the recent iOS and Android support for conversation view which joins threads with a thin blue line. That said, this is a decent update, that isn’t just bug fixes, but real features like the ability to favourite twitter accounts that you’ll then receive notifications for. Previous versions allowed for replies notifications, but this is a welcome addition to the app. A full list of the features is available below.


What’s new:

– Select your favorite Twitter accounts and receive notifications when they Tweet

– Customize your Twitter backdrop with either a dark or light theme

– Pin keyword searches to your home screen for quick access to Tweets on a topic

– Easily surface great content with improvements to Search and Discover

– Set your language preference in settings and get tweets translated in your timeline. Now with support for 13 additional languages!

– New Twitter lockscreen experience highlights interesting tweets on your home screen

More information at Twitter’s blog.

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