Twitter local trends, not so local

    Twitter Local Trends

    What used to be a very useful feature of Twitter – Trends, is now mostly filled with uninteresting rubbish, instead of being an insight into the most discussed topics online. Looking to solve this issue and make trends more appropriate to your part of the world, Twitter has just launched Local Trends to the public.

    Sadly the localisation is extremely limited with only 6 countries available and the rest of the world being slumped into the all too familiar “Worldwide” mess.

    If your country or city missed out (most will have) then Twitter has a message for you – “Don’t see your location? We’re working on it.” With only 15 cities this feature is clearly undercooked.

    A more productive workaround for now is to use a search like “Albury OR Wodonga” for your city / town and surrounding area to see the conversations happening in your local area.

    Twitter Local Trends

    If you do happen to live in one of the “lucky” countries or cities, then you can see Local Trends by logging into

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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