Video: Nico Rosberg drives Formula E Gen 2 car around the streets of Berlin

The 2016 Formula 1 World Champion, Nico Rosberg has jumped behind the wheel of the next generation Formula E car. In a showcase to the Formula E fans in Berlin, Rosberg was given the opportunity to drive and commontate the lap.

This was the car’s first public debut after being announced earlier this year. The car is much more aggressive and futuristic than the the first generation Formula E car that has served the category well for the first 4 seasons.

Rosberg comments during the drive that the car has awesome acceleration. For you or I, that’d be an obvious comment when our base line is production vehicles for the road, but coming from F1, Rosberg knows how fast the top end of motorsport is.

The car will be the standard come the 2018-2019 season and will finally offer a battery capacity to have a single car last an entire race, removing the clumbsy pitstop driver change to a second car. This demonstrates the sport is improving and evolving and if you need any further confirmation, Formula 1 legend, Felipe Massa is coming out of retirement to race  for the Venturi Formula E team.

Innovation in Formula E has a stronger, more logical connection with improvements to production vehicles of the future, which is why we continue to see new manufacturers join the sport.

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