Western Digital now has a massive 10TB Helium-Filled HDD

    This month Western Digital added to its offering in their Purple lineup of hard drives. Those not familiar with the colour bands, purple is WD’s product range aimed at surveillance applications and their latest drive is a massive 10TB in size.

    The new HDD is helium-filled as the platter density means the read/write head needs to move so precisely that standard air just won’t do. The drive is optimized for write-intensive workloads has an amazing array of technologies to minimize potential errors due to the high-number of incoming data streams. The new WD Purple is also the company’s first 10 TB HDD and while it won’t break any speed records at 5400 RPM, this fit for purpose drive offers those in the security business mass storage from a single drive.

    Practically, you’ll like see these monsters in redundant arrays, but instead of storing days or weeks of video footage from security systems, we’re talking months.

    Affectionately known by the model number of WD100PURZ, the drive features 7x 1.4 TB platters. The can sustain transfer speeds of around 210 Mbps a substantial 18% improvement over last year’s models.

    The drive features many advanced performance features including:

    • AllFrame 4K Technology – Estimated at two percent of the camera network security camera market in 2017, 4K video surveillance cameras are expected to reach 29 percent by 2020*. AllFrame 4K technology enhances ATA streaming support to help reduce video frame loss with proprietary cache policy management technology to improve overall data flow and playback. WD Purple 10TB HDDs include exclusive firmware enhancements that help protect against video pixilation and interruptions within a surveillance system.
    • HelioSeal Technology – Enabling higher storage capacity and lower power consumption, the WD Purple 10TB HDD uses the third generation of HelioSeal technology, which has been shipping for over three years and on over 12 million drives as of December 2016.
    • Scalable Surveillance Systems – Designed for 24×7 operations with support for multi-bay systems with an annualized workload rating of 180 TB/year and tarnish-resistant components, WD Purple 10TB drives are ready for use in demanding high-performance, high-definition small- or large-scale surveillance systems

    Price and Availability

    WD Purple 10TB HDDs are shipping now and as you can imagine don’t come cheap. The WD Purple range of surveillance-class drives range in capacities from 1TB up to 10TB, with the largest attracting an MSRP of US$399.99.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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