Nokia’s first WP7 device revealed on video. SeaRAY looks like N9

WP7 Nokiaimage

You didn’t seriously think this would stay a secret did you Nokia ? CEO Stephen Elop gave Nokia employees a sneak preview of the first Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia. It was revealed with a codename SeaRAY. It’s effectively the N9 shell (plus an extra button), running WP7 Mango. Check out the full video below. I suggest you watch fast, if Nokia do really want to keep this private, it’ll be pulled soon.

Stephen Elop mentioned (read bragged) that he also has other Nokia WP7 devices working, and that this is just the first in the future of the company.


  • PrepaidPlans

    I can’t believe how Nokia have fallen so far away in the smart phone market. Prior to buying a smart phone, Nokia would have been my most preferred phone. It is all I have ever owned. Competition is good for everyone so hopefully this deal gets them back into the market.