Zune coming to Australia, 17 other countries

Zune Australia

Zune is finally going global ! A few hours ago Liveside posted about a Financial Times story that has details on Microsoft’s Zune brand going global to a total of 18 markets. Good news for Australians, is we’re on the list.

The Zune-branded service – which includes the most popular films from MGM, Paramount and Universal – will be available in 18 of its largest western markets, including the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia.

Given the introduction of the Zune Video Marketplace on Xbox (launching to public later today), it’s not entirely surprising. What this means for consumers is the introduction of the first subscription model for buying music. The big issue being price. Currently iTunes dominates electronic music sales in Australia, so I’d like to see Microsoft be aggressive with the Zune Pass pricing.

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  • Melanie S

    Finally it will come to Australia. I have been holding out for this for a long time now. There was just no way I was going to get ripped off buying an Ipod. I've lived with my Iriver for a while now and it's great, but the 720p is a massive drawcard for me, Zune all the way! Bring it on.

  • Deltr

    Oh thank christ. I bought a Zune HD 32gig through eBay some time ago. People, if you dont have one and are wondering about if all the hype is the same in reality… it is. I love my Zune to bits. Never thought I would say that about a Microsoft product but I really do. Really long battery life, great app for sorting music and transfers work quickly, easy to use screen and great sound quality. Only thing that was been bugging me is if you dont live in the USA you cant use the Zune online service. But with it coming here it will all be complete *JOY* =D

  • Callum

    Hi Deltr,
    I recently bought a Zune HD 16 gig off ebay. I was wondering how you managed to get the Zune software onto your computer?

  • Deltr

    Easy as man, just go to this link http://www.zune.net/en-us/products/software/dow… and download the Zune Player software and your up and running.

  • Callum

    Thanks for the speedy reply.
    It just says that it isn't available in my region.

  • Callum

    Got any other hints?

  • Deltr

    Hmm, not sure mate. I checked the link before I posted it and was working for me… If you feel safe doing so, quickly post your email for a moment and then remove it as your post will be email linked to me so I can reference it. I can send you copy from my download as an attachment for you to use. Other then that Im not sure how I can be of more help to you.

  • Callum

    Mate, you are a legend. It is “callumjarvis”, a hotmail account, I did just type it but it said a moderator had to check it, so I won't write it out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Cartwright/502657689 Jason Cartwright

    I just got it from http://zune.net/en-us/products/software/downloa

    I did signup and was signed into the site before hand.

  • Callum

    It is still saying that it isn't available in my region. Would you be able to send me your download as an attachment? I understand if you aren't comfortable sending me your email address.

  • bdogs

    When When when when when??????? i so wanna customised zune!!!! they look frikin epic and since im completely Anti-apple this is like the biggest news in a long time for me.
    Could you just email me if you happen to know thanks :D

  • bdogs

    oh yeah my email is bronsons_territory@hotmail.com thanks :D

  • kobe

    like bdogs i really want 1 & h8 apple (iv always thought of it as the wan*ers device), so if u hav any knowledge of wen its coming 2 oz then email me @ kobe_d96@hotmail.com but if u spam me i will hunt u down and KILL u. nah not that extreme il just spam back.

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  • Dhills66

    Hey Callum. I've had a Zune player for 6yrs. Just change the region in region settings on your computer to the US. You should then be able to download the software.

  • cat

    any news on zune making music available for download in Australia yet??

  • http://techAU.tv techau

    I interviewed Microsoft personnel at this year’s Tech.Ed conference last week. I tried to get an answer about the launch of Zune Marketplace in Australia and was met with a ‘no comment’ response. Seriously they need to have it in place when WP7 launches or the experience will be pretty broken.

    You could sync content from your PC to your WP7 device via zune, but how do you obtain new content ? Sure they’re solution won’t be to buy it through iTunes.