Adelaide-based Lumin Sports scores nearly $300k for analytics platform

It’s always fantastic to hear about Australian success stories and Lumin Sports Technology is the latest example. The Adelaide-based sports technology start-up, has secured $148,000 from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to help commercialise its patented sports technology and analytics platforms.

In addition, the company has announced it has raised $140,000 in seed funding from investors earlier this year. This brings the total funding to nearly A$300,000.

Lumin Sports Technology leverages accurate data collection tools and specialised visualisations to connect teams, from the athletes through to team decisionmakers. It has created a number of unique and interoperable sports platforms, most notably its ARC and Phila platforms as well as a suite of data collection applications currently in development, including a smart scale integration for athlete weigh-ins and hydration.

The combination of the funding and investment will enable Lumin to build out these platforms and deliver its Connected Teams approach as a turnkey sports technology suite to organisations of any size across the globe.

The company has also announced it is working with Matt Hass, GM High Performance at Adelaide Crows, who is using the Phila (Athlete-Facing) and ARC platforms to keep track of the subjective wellness of players, and to visualise centralised data from their many performance data points, including GPS data.

Lumin has also recently begun working with Boston University’s NCAA track and field squad, and professional women’s cycling organisation Team Tibco Silicon Valley Bank of the United States, while it continues to work with the Australian Olympic cycling program as well as professional cycling teams including Team Dimension Data (South Africa), Team Katusha (Switzerland) and Team Hagens Berman Axeon (USA).

CEO and founder of Lumin, Ben Tripodi, said the funding validates Australia’s leadership in the sports technology space and will allow it to deliver its platforms as a turnkey solution to professional organisations, including those in the National Football League with several teams interested in Lumin’s platforms. 

“As sports organisations look towards the leaders in sports science, medicine and analytics, they look to Australia. Thanks to initiatives such as the establishment of the Australian Institute of Sport, the nation leads the world when it comes to the science and data behind our sporting programs including the AFL, the rugby codes and our Olympic programs.

Sporting organisations continue to capture more and more data, but until now have struggled to make sense of it or don’t have the man power to drive accurate decisions from it. We improve this workflow, make sense of the data and deliver it to each decisionmaker in real time.”

CEO and founder of Lumin, Ben Tripodi

ARC, Lumin’s flagship data visualisation platform, incorporates any performance data point including Lumin’s secondary products such as Phila, which tracks the health and wellness of athletes through any smartphone, and Lumin’s integrated smart scales and hardware, including wearables. It then analyses and visualises the data to create actionable intel which is available to all members of the team’s management and coaching staff.

In addition, Lumin works closely with each client to tailor the technology and create bespoke modules based on their unique requirements.

“The wear and tear of injuries, sports travel, a lack of sleep and poor lifestyles are all proven to have an impact on performance and wellbeing, but until recently all of those factors were siloed as separate instances when, really, all impact each other in some way.

Our platforms remove those siloes and interpret the data with a single visualisation, and in turn help identify the factors which increase optimum performance and those that might lead to poor performance.

We can analyse everything from sleeping habits to lifestyle and even the increase in pain levels of certain injuries, and we make that data easy to access and understand for sports organisations looking to help their athletes stay healthy and maximise their performances and wellbeing for longer.”

CEO and founder of Lumin, Ben Tripodi

The combination of investments and funding will allow Lumin to hire new staff to build out the platform.

The company recently tested its ARC platform at the Team Dimension Data training camp in Cape Town, South Africa, which served to validate the performance of the platform in a real-world scenario and its ability to deliver updates and analysis in real time. The proven success has coincided with the swathe of signings this year.

“Athletic performance can be affected by anything and everything; not just by what happens between the lines. Organisations across the world are starting to realise the benefits of recent advances in sports science and technology to maintain the health and wellbeing of their athletes, but also to gain an edge.”

CEO and founder of Lumin, Ben Tripodi
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