Atari classics get the HTML5 treatment to celebrate 40 years


To celebrate Atari’s 40 year anniversary and the upcoming launch of Internet Explorer 10, the two giants have teamed up to produce a HTML5 demo like no other. Atari Arcade brings Atari classics like Pong, Missile Command, Super Breakout and Asteroids to destroy productivity around the globe through a browser.

Atari’s classic games have been reimagined in HTML5 with fresh graphics, gameplay and integration with Facebook and Twitter. For those that want to be a bigger part of the action, there is an Atari software development kit available in the developer behind the scenes section of the site which lets you build your own unique games for the Atari Arcade.

Part of the IE10 association is the Metro-version of IE10 which doesn’t support flash (with minor exceptions), but it does support touch events.

Try it out at

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