Australian internet just got competitive, increased caps on the way!

    If you care at all about the amount of speed and/or price that your paying for internet in Australia, or frustrated by the download caps we’re forced to endure, then you definitely want to check out the video above.

    It’s a really well produced video, engaging, informative and Seamus Byrne really deserves some credit for putting this one together. [insert pats on back here].

    The skinny:

    • Australia gets new undersea, international connection.
    • Cable should be active in September.
    • Project cost around $200 million.
    • Will increase Australia’s broadband capacity by around 50%.
    • Independently owned, rather than current connections owned by Tier 1 ISPs.
    • iiNet and Internode already have commitments to make use of the new connection.
    • With increased competition, data caps should increase 🙂

    Overall, this sounds like great thing for Australian business (assuming ure not a greedy ISP) and consumers.

    More @ Gizmodo

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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