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BREAKING: The first Australian Customer Tesla Model Y has been delivered in Canberra

It is believed that the first custom actually has the first Model Y already. The image below was shared online and shows a Model Y in Canberra, reported to be taken at a Supercharger...

REVIEW: Tesla Model Y, Australia is about to fall in love with the ultimate family EV

The Tesla Model Y is the most important electric vehicle to arrive in Australia in 2022. On the streets from August, I recently had the opportunity to live with the Tesla Model Y for...

I drove the Tesla Model Y for a week and changed my order

Last week, I had the opportunity to live with a Model Y for a week, ahead of them going on sale next month. Having seen the Model Y announced more than 3 years ago,...

Review: Samsung’s Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner is the high-tech solution, fit for your home

The Samsung Bespoke Jet™ vacuum cleaner comes with an arsenal of options, lots of features, and various forms of cleaning. And there's one to suit your style. Check out this review.