Dan Murphy’s, Cellarmasters, and BWS signs with Perth AI company OpenDNA

    Endeavour Drinks Group, which is operated by Woolworths and takes in Dan Murphy’s, Cellarmasters, and BWS will tap the talents of a small Perth AI company, OpenDNA, The move is designed to change the way it targets and markets to its online consumers. Using Artificial Intelligence from OpenDNA’s differs dramatically from existing techniques to reach customers, in that it takes a single customer view, not groups and categories. These means a very personalised experience with greater chance of marketing success for businesses using it. 

    OpenDNA are using natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks, to generates deep real-time psychographic insights about a user’s behaviour. For businesses, this means getting closer to the ideal marketing opportunity of targeting directly to those customers that want your product, reducing wasted money pitching to customers that would never buy your product.

    By more accurately predicting a customers’ needs and delivering a targeted shopping experience, advertising should feel more like a service that knows what you want before you do and less like marketing. 

    OpenDNA CEO, Jay Shah says,

    “People are not categories, people are individuals” 

    A huge challenge for marketers is to understand individuals as individuals. Marketing typically only gets as a close as dividing people into large categories or segments based on loose groups but individualising the experience is the wholy grail of optimisation. OpenDNA’s technology considers each individual user separately, which provides an incredibly powerful solution for many business scenarios.

    “We are delighted to partner with a household name and trusted brand in the form of Endeavour Drinks Group to deliver an innovative and personalised app that will give consumers the ultimate in personalised marketing, and greater control of their online experience.”

    According to a recent report from Accenture, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history. Consumers are willing to shop more with retailers that show that they recognise each individual and can provide appropriate recommendations based on their unique needs.

    OpenDNA also recently struck an agreement with Netsurfer, an Android powered mobile handset soon to launch in European and African markets. With the initial phase of the partnership integrating an AI-powered news aggregator app to the devices, offering a personalised news experience for each user. This partnership paves the way forward for the “Internet of Me” experience, whereby eventually users will be able to have a more personalised experience of the internet.

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