Did the Model 3 update actually deliver a 5% performance improvement?

As a Model 3 Performance (Stealth) owner, I was incredibly happy when Elon made the announcement our cars were getting a 5% performance improvement. As a journalist, I had to put that to the test.

Software version 2019.36.2.2 arrived this week for many in Australia who weren’t in the early access program and haven’t purchased FSD.. also known as regular owners.

To test the improved performance, I did a total of 4 acceleration tests from 0-100km/hr. Given Track mode can offer some performance improvements, I needed to test with that enabled and disabled and the results show that was worthwhile.

Before we get to the video with the results, I wanted to set the scene so you understand the testing conditions. The car was Supercharged to 87% and was down to around 85% by the time I reached the remote location where I could safely test the car.

The first two runs (track mode off, then on) were completed with software version 2019.32.12.4. I returned home, to connect to WiFi and completed the update to 2019.36.2.2 which took around 25 minutes. With the new software, I returned to the same location and repeated the 0-100km/hr tests (track mode off, then on).

The final post-time improvements were compared with the best time pre-time numbers to calculate the percentage increase.

So now here’s the video with the results of the latest software update.

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Jason Cartwright
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