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    After another network hickup last month, Telstra are once again apologising to customers with a data-free day. Today, Sunday 3 April 2016, Telstra mobile customers can take advantage of a whole day where data usage won’t count against their monthly usage. This applies to customers regardless of whether they were effected by the latest outages or not.

    This free data applies to customers on a pre-paid or post-paid mobile, tablet or mobile broadband plan. There’s nothing for you to do to make this happen, you will automatically receive free data, from midnight to midnight in your local Australian time zone, on Sunday 3 April 2016.

    When Telstra did this last time, users absolutely took advantage of it, downloading 1,841 terabytes of data in 24 hours. That’s the equivalent of around 2.3 million movies, or 5.1 million TV episodes.

    One of the best parts of having free data is being able to get tasks done that you otherwise wouldn’t. This may be downloading updates to your PC or Xbox using tethering, or may be a video upload given many Telstra 4G areas provide customers faster uploads than available on ADSL2 connections.

    Telstra’s provides important details about the day.

    How much data is included in this offer? / Are there any restrictions on the volume of data customers can download?
    We are not placing any restrictions on the amount of data customers can use on Sunday.

    What time frame is free data available?
    Free mobile data within Australia is available midnight to midnight Sunday 3 April in every state and territory and includes the additional hour on Sunday for customers living in states transitioning from Daylight Saving time.

    What about customers in different time zones?
    The ‘free mobile data this Sunday’ offer is available within Australia midnight to midnight Sunday 3 April in each time zone across the country and includes the additional hour on Sunday for customers living in states transitioning from Daylight Saving time.

    More information at Telstra CrowdSupport



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