Energy Safe Victoria just recalled 5 hoverboard brands


    Hoverboards have bigger problems than an inaccurate name, they’re causing fires and burning down houses. Overnight reports of a house fire in Strathmore were made, with the cause being attributed to a Hoverboard. While this is Australia’s first example, they’re far too common internationally and it was simply just a matter of time. Airlines have also banned the product as a result of this danger.

    The problem is believed to be as a result of some manufacturers using poor quality lithium-ion batteries.

    Energy Safe Victoria has just issued a product recall for 5 brands of hoverboards or ‘electric balancing scooters’. Unfortunately most of the coverage of fires, fail to include the names and brands of the products involved. With not all suffering from this issue, it is important to name and shame any that have issues.

    If you own one of these five brands, possibly as a result of a Christmas gift, know that they could cause a fire or electrocute someone due to non-compliant battery chargers and cords. You should contact ESV for more information.

    The recalled models include:

    • Moonwalker two-wheel scooter by Hunter Sports, which was sold at Big W from December 5 to 11
    • Sello Products self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter, sold on Ebay from December 4-15
    • AirWalk Self-Balancing Scooter sold online via from 13 November – 16 December
    • Go Skitz Self Balancing E Boards models S01 and S03 (charger only) sold from 26 November to 29 December via,,, Toyworld, Harvey Norman Big Buys and Anaconda stores
    • Techwheel Z-01 (charger only), which was sold online through,,,,

    More information at Energy Safe Victoria.

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