F1 2011 gameplay trailer shows off air born physics

F1 2011

Racing fans are all too well aware of the agonisingly long break in the F1 season right now. To pass time and raise your blood pressure, you can check out a new F1 2011 Gameplay Trailer. Owners of F1 2010 will notice some significant differences. Improved physics evidenced by suspension travel over bumps, providing much more realistic handling.

The damage system looks to be substantially improved with a collision between 2 cars resulting in the natural sprawl of carbon fibre exploding into the air. It’s clear aerodynamics will have a big part to play in F1 2011, so when body-work like front wings are damaged from an over ambitious passing attempt, handling, down force and overall top speed should be affected.

One of the more spectacular aspects of the video is a Lotus car crossing ripple strips and launching all 4 wheels off the ground. Certainly a wild ride, but one that is technically possible and has occurred in F1’s over the years, but never really be plausible in games.

Last of all weather conditions look amazing. Rain is one of the most challenging for both F1 drivers and game developers. Rain requiring an incredible amount of calculations to get right. While we won’t know for sure until we go hands on with the game, the screen shot above from the game certainly looks like the got it right. Tyre choice in the wet is always critical and it looks like these wets have real blocks, not just a texture wrapped over them.

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