Facebook’s other new feature you can’t have yet, News Feed


Around one month ago Facebook launched Graph Search, for some. The limited roll out was supposed to arrive for us all, but more than a month later, many of us are still waiting. That hasn’t stopped Facebook announcing another big restructure for the site. This time round it’s the News Feed being redesigned, again it’s being rolled out, so the wait starts now.

Photos, check-ins and posts from 3rd party apps are all now enlarged in the new News Feed. While I think this will help speed reading through your stream, it does take up more real estate and have a real Google+ vibe to it.


Better control over the stories that you see is a much welcome change. This will arrive through a feed selection menu, ranging from your News Feed, to a feed just of your friend’s photos, to music and subscriber feed.

The new design will be unified across devices, everywhere from desktop, to tablet, to mobile. Those of you who have used the later versions of Facebook on mobile will be familiar with the slide in menu from the left, it looks like that’s making it’s way to the desktop. This makes more sense on a touchscreen device.


Facebook say the goal of the redesign is to reduce the clutter and if they can truly execute on that vision, then it’ll be a very welcome change amongst users. If it feels like change for the hell of it, then expect another user revolt. That is of course if it ever gets rolled out to you.

Check out a couple of new videos from Facebook below.

For more information and to join the waiting list, head over to https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

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