First impression: KIA EV6 Air Long Range EV (Hatchback SUV Crossover)

    In a world of many similar looking electric SUV’s, the Kia EV6 Hatchback/SUV crossover design stands out, especially so when it’s the Runway Red version I have on loan for a week and a half.

    As proof that it’s quite different from other EV’s, no one can agree what kind of car it is. I’m calling it a Hatchback/SUV crossover but other reviewers call it all kinds of combinations of Fast back, sedan, SUV, wagon and hatchback.

    Whatever you call it, the EV6 is a pleasure to drive on longer journeys like in my video below.

    What most people can agree on is that the EV6 car design is a crossover of two different body shapes and that it is a genuine long ranger thanks to a 528km WLTP rating.

    If used for lots of slower urban driving and you don’t accelerate with a lead foot you might be able to achieve even more range than that, as you can see in the photo below where the current range is estimated at 577km.

    Storage space is plentiful with the hatchback opening wide to offer a 490 litre boot for shopping and luggage as well as a 52L front boot which is handy for 2.4kW and 7/11kW Type 2 charging cables. Both have gas struts which make it much easier to lift the heavy metal.

    Mentioning charging the EV6 is built on Hyundai groups E-GMP 800V EV platform so it can DC charge at up to 233kW if you connect it up to a 350kW charger. That’s 10-80% in 18 minutes which is a huge time saver on long road trips.

    Inside you’ll find plenty of space in the back seats with a flat floor, cup holders, 2 USB-C ports and a power socket capable of powering vehicle to load appliances (16amp / 3.6kW).

    At the front there’s also plenty of room even if you’re 6 ft 3″ like me. The twin 12.3-inch instrument cluster and centre touchscreen provide all the information you need. underneath the centre console there’s a large storage bin which is very handy.

    There are also plenty of handy buttons, knobs etc under the centre screen, on the steering wheel and under the door handle to control key car functions.

    For those like me who like to change the driving mode and regen to match your driving situation there are paddles and a button on the steering wheel which alternate between these without needing to take your eyes off the road.

    Overall at $72,590 plus on-road costs of $5,864.25 a NSW buyer would have to pay a drive away estimate of $78,454.25 to get their hands on an Kia EV6 Air.

    If you’re able to spend more, then for about 7 grand more at $85,865 driveaway the Kia EV6 GT-Line has a lot more features such as:

    • augmented reality HUD
    • surround 360 camera
    • Meridian surround sound system,
    • premium relaxation seats,
    • remote Smart Parking Assist
    • outdoor Vehicle to Load (V2L) socket.

    It’s certainly not a budget EV but the Kia EV6 Air is worth considering if you’re also looking at the Tesla Model 3/Y, Kia Niro EV GT-Line or Polestar 2.

    Neerav Bhatt
    Neerav Bhatt
    Thanks to his broad general knowledge, research skills and ability to explain complex issues Neerav Bhatt has appeared in the online, print, radio and TV media including: ABC (Online, TV, Radio), SBS (Online, Radio), BBC World Service (Radio), 10 News TV, Sky News TV, Australian IT, Technology Spectator, Ausdroid, iTnews, APCMAG, IDG CSO and a variety of other publications. In 2023 he joined the techAU team and represents them at Sydney events.

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