Forza 3 demo now racing, available to Gold Members only


    Forza fans rejoice, the Forza 3 demo is now available on Xbox Live. If you’ve got a spare 1.2GB then get downloading now, it’s worth it !! A quick note to remind everyone that this demo is an exclusive to Xbox Live Gold Members, which kind of sucks.

    Whilst the demo only comes with 1 track and 1 game mode (local, unfortunately no multiplayer), you do get a choice of 5 cars.

    • 2009 Mini Cooper
    • 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X GSR
    • 2009 Ferarri California
    • 2010 Audi R8
    • 2007 Porsche GT3

    After spending a few hours with the game, the graphics are a big update to Forza 2. Both the vehicles and the environments have magnitudes more detail. While you only get to drive 5 cars, you do get to race again a whole host of others, so you can check them out too, especially in replays.

    Speaking of replays, they’ve been seriously beefed up. Now much faster to skip between cars, and triggers now controlling the speed foward and backwards. Additionally there’s some great new cameras available, my favourite is the helicopter views. Press X to cycle through them.

    Without an online component to the demo, best times will have to be compared the old-school way. My best times are:

    Audi R8 – 01:08.397

    Evo X – 01:14.027

    Update 2
    There is indeed an online leaderboard that is NOT well displayed. It’s available from the track selection page.. I know weird place right ? Once on the leaderboards page, you can also access a Free Run mode.

    Forza 3 times Forza 3 times

    Can you beat my times ? Leave a comment.

    Premium content
    There’s also premium Forza 3 content available in the form of Avatar clothing (race suit, helmet, t-shirt, gloves etc) and a premium theme.

    Forza 3 demo Forza 3 demo

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