Huawei Mate X announced at MWC, comfirming 2019 is foldable

Chinese device maker, Huawei continues to battle it out it out on the global stage, with the announcement of their very own foldable phone, the Huawei Mate X at Mobile World Congress is Barcelona.

This is the second official foldable smartphone that’s headed to the hands of consumers, following Samsung last week. There are some important differences between the two implementations.

The Huawei Mate X features its main display on the outside of the phone and you simply unfold it to reveal and extend the display to it’s second screen, making one large squarish display.

The biggest question with the foldable hardware is how the software responds to take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Again we see Android stretch across the extra pixels to layout the applications in a familiar tablet layout. It’s clear there’s still some way to go in having home screens take advantage of the expanded display.

When unfolded the Mate X is crazy thin, which is what you need when folding it and putting it in your pocket. The phone in your pocket now, doubled in your pocket would feel massive, but Huawei have manage to thin out the device so it’s only incrementally thicker than your current phone.

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