Introducing Carboncast, podcasts on WP8 finally done right


There’s a lot of unsatisfied Windows Phone 8 owners and podcast lovers. As a developer, I decided to do something about that and create Carboncast. I wanted the app to be really functional, yet simple all while maintaining a good design.

The great news that the wait for a great podcast app on WP8 is over, with Carboncast now available in the Marketplace today. It’s available around the world at the lowest possible price in each market, in Australia, that’s just A$0.99.

The app has many great features like background audio playback, automatic downloads over WiFi, playlist of the latest episodes, easy subscription to multiple podcasts, discover podcasts via categories or search and it even saves and resumes playback positions. For the best run through of Carboncast features, check out the gallery and video below. Not only does the video contain a hands-on walkthrough of the app, but I discuss my motivations to create the app.

The app leverages the API from podcast directory and if you can’t find a podcast, you can request it. Now there’s nothing left to do other than check out Carboncast, the WP8 podcast app you’ve been waiting for.


You can download the app now from the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace or by heading to


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