It’s official, ACCC says TPG has the fastest NBN speeds

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has published for the first time, broadband performance data about Australia’s internet service providers. Australian’s internet speed on the NBN in theory should be the same regardless of the provider you choose, but in reality, it differs, a lot.

The data shows highlights NBN speeeds during the busiest periods, NBN speeds compared to ADSL, the average speeds throughout the day and the distribution of download speed tests as a % of plan speed.

The results show that TPG came out on top, with 90.7% of download speed was delivered during the busiest period of the day. That peak period is between the hours of 7PM and 11PM. iiNet managed 88.6% and Telstra 88.1%, while Optus was the worst performing of the top 4 with 88.6% of the download speed delivered. Upload is certainly important and weren’t consistently aligned with the download speeds, more people care about the download speeds.

What is incredibly concerning is that the benchmark level is just 60%.

The rollout of the National Broadband Network has certainly had its issues and some unfortunate experiences where some users reported slower speeds than on ADSL. Now armed with the data from the ACCC we can see they are fairly isolated incidents with the NBN delivering dramatic speed improvements.

On average, those on 100/40 plans are getting 87Mbps, while those on 50/20 are getting 44.34Mbps, this drops to 21.52Mbps for those on 25/5 plans. This board well compared to those who haven’t yet made the move and are averaging just 7.99Mbps on ADSL connections.


ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said,

“These first test results are better than expected, and indicate the majority of internet service providers are now delivering very close to their maximum plan speeds.

Our results reflect significant and recent changes in the market, particularly the recent discounting by NBN Co of capacity charges and consequent take up of more CVC by retailers. They likely also reflect the effect of our speed advertising guidance and anticipation that our testing was soon to begin.”

ACCC says consumer issues in the provision of broadband services, including addressing misleading speed claims and statements made during the transition to the NBN, remain a high priority in 2018. The ACCC has taken action against 8 internet service providers regarding speed claims. You may have noticed ISPs are now marketing the average speeds during peak times, not theoretical maximums that were never achievable, which is a positive step forward.

The report also found 5% of services tested operated at less than 50% of their maximum plan speeds, so clearly there’s much work to be done. He went on to say,

“The results for some types of services are still lower than we would like, but the overall results go against the current wisdom that the majority of consumers and businesses are having issues with NBN speeds.”

If you want to go deep on the report, you can read all the information at

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