Kogan protects you from Conroy’s SPAMS & SCAMS

Most days my inbox is full of press releases from companies, a lot of which are me too products which are uninteresting and easily forgettable. One that stands out from the crowd is from Kogan, Australia’s discount direct-to-public electronics manufacturer.

In response to Senator Stephen Conroy’s ridiculous Spams and Scams comments, they’ve Con & Roy have a great solution to protect you online.

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MELBOURNE, Australia, 18th June 2010 – Con & Roy, two budding engineers from the Kogan Technologies R&D team in Melbourne have developed an Internet filter that portects Australians from “spams and scams coming through the portal.”

The Kogan team were alarmed to hear last week that up to 20,000 Australians were under threat from these “spams and scams” when the Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy spoke to the media.

As an innovative company, the Kogan team thought this was a perfect opportunity to create an alternative to the Government’s proposed mandatory Internet filter.

Kogan engineers Con & Roy have been working around the clock to develop the “Portector”. Made from the finest 8000-thread count Egyptian cotton, it is the best portal protection available in the world.

It goes on sale today for AU$2,999 and is available exclusively from the Kogan website.

View a video demonstration of Kogan’s Portector – Spams & Scams Internet Portal Filter here.

Ruslan Kogan, Founder and CEO of Kogan Technologies said he is particularly proud of his company’s latest product.

“It is the most exciting product we’ve released to date. Our engineers have been working very hard on this one.

“We’ve been shocked time and time again to hear not only about Australia’s need for a mandatory Internet filter, but also the need for a red panic button and protection from ‘spams and scams’.

“The Kogan Portector defends the portal from all of these net nasties in a far more affordable way than the Australian Government thanks to Kogan’s efficient online business model.

“Our alternative costs just $2,999 per customer which is over 50% off the cost of the Australian Government’s comparable product.

“The product goes on sale today and includes free shipping across Australia for a very limited time,” Kogan said.

The Government’s $128.8 million Cyber Safety policy recently expanded to protect up to 20,000 Australian’s being affected by “spams and scams coming through the portal,” according to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. At a cost of $6,500 per person, the Government’s inefficient spending of tax-payer money must be addressed.

The Kogan Portector negates the need for the Government to devote more resources to its Cyber Safety policy as this all encompassing product is available today, is extremely easy to install, and is more cost-efficient and effective than the Government’s approach.

DISCLAIMER: The Kogan Portector is not a real product. The Kogan Portector is in no way affiliated with Senator Stephen Conroy, The Australian Labor Party, or the Australian Government. Incorrect use may result in uncensored Internet content, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of thought, and protection of your civil liberties.

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