Light by Moore’s Cloud fails to get funded on Kickstarter

    In the latest update about Light by Moore’s Cloud, the team are admitting defeat. The ambitious $750,000 target hasn’t be reached. The 1,950 backers helped raise almost $275,000, only just over a third of the required funding. Since launching the project, Moore’s Cloud raised nearly $5,000 every day of the Kickstarter campaign. So now the project isn’t funded via Kickstarter, what’s next?

    Smartly the guys at Moore’s Cloud used the Kickstarter platform to post an update announcing pre-orders over at their own site –

    While only been up for a short time, 145 people have already backed Light (likely people who supported the Kickstarter). This equates to more than $23k. For some reason the new goal is now $500k, rather than the initial $750,000. By going for funding on their own, Moore’s Cloud won’t have to pay the percentage to Kickstarter, but that’s a lot less than the third it dropped by. The minimum production run would still have the same fixed cost from the manufacturers, so this needs some explaining. Funding is now open for 6 months and delivery of the first batch of Lights is currently set at July 2013, but again depends on reaching the funding goal.


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