LIGHT by Moore’s Cloud now on Kickstarter, starts at $99, due May 2013

LIGHT by Moore's Cloud

The linux computer wrapped in box of multi-coloured LEDs is now known as LIGHT by Moore’s Cloud. The project’s Kickstarter went live tonight and you can now Back the Project to get your very own. The team are looking for $700,000 in funding to kick off production.

You have until December 21st to pledge your support but should be fast to secure yours. Project founder Mark Pesce says there’s even a case for owning multiple LIGHTs – “one can tell the others what to do. Wake up at night, turn one on, it tells the others to light your way to the loo. ” Also those already supporting the LIFX Lightbulb Kickstarter should know that your LIGHT will be able to control those bulbs.

The price starts at $99 but requires Aussie’s (or anyone outside the US) to add an extra $10 to this price. The wait to get your very own LIGHT by Moore’s Cloud is a decent one. The anticipated delivery date is set for May 2013.

You can follow all the Kickstarter project I’ve backed here, a list which I’m proud to say that LIGHT by Moore’s Cloud is now on.

More information @ Kickstarter

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