Mac vs PC – 4 New Apple Ads, getting old in the tooth.

    The new ads take the same approach as previous Mac vs PC ads, attacking Windows weaknesses. These ads are made more interesting by Microsoft’s recent Mac attack ads. I have to say these Mac vs PC ads aren’t as funny as they once were, perhaps even old at this point.

    I feel a willingness to play devils advocate at this point.

    Biohazard Suit
    This ad takes aim at PCs for that dreaded Conficker Worm. The irony here is that despite Apple’s promotion of a much safer platform, this week we seen that’s not exactly the case. Mac malware turns into botnet.

    im a mac ad - Biohazard Suit

    Legal Copy
    Have you installed any Apple software lately.. yep, just like Windows, they have EULA’s or “Fine Print”.
    im a mac ad - Legal Copy

    I have the biggest issue with this ad, it promotes Apple’s photo management software – iPhoto as being simple and easy to find the photos you want due to it’s Facial Recognition technology. What’s ridiculous is that Windows Live Photo Gallery actually had this feature prior to iPhoto 09 being released. Admittedly, Windows Live Photo Gallery isn’t included in Windows, but is a free download. 
    im a mac ad - Stacks

    Time Traveler
    Oh yeah, there’s no hope for PCs, even in the future they freeze, at least according to Apple. Not sure if anyone from Apple has actually used Windows lately, but my experience has certainly been that Windows XP, Vista and 7 are more stable than they’ve ever been. This not really a valid attack point any more, time to move on Apple.
    im a mac ad - Time Traveler

    I’m sure some will accuse me of being a Windows fanboy, in reality I now own both systems and have previously really enjoyed these Mac vs PC ads. It’s time for a change, something new, how about promoting the benefits of MacOS rather than taking shots at the opposition.

    What do you guys think of them ?

    Check them out at

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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