Mississippi getting 1Gbps FTTH while we’re busy reviewing NBN

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While our new Australia is busy putting our NBN through multiple reviews, other parts of the world are rolling out fibre. In the US, Mississippi residents will be getting 1Gbps speeds on Fiber to the Home thanks to C Spire. As the case with the Google Fiber rollout, those residents who want it badly, can campaign to have their streets done first.

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, Former Kansas City Mayor Joe Reardon and other Mississippi government and business leaders and included a personal video from Governor Phil Bryant – all in support of C Spire’s move to make the state a technology leader. It all sounds a bit visionary really, imagine if we had that in Australia.


Communication Minister, Malcolm Turnbull loves to reference other countries rolling out FTTN to support his policy position, but there’s an ever increasing number of examples where states and countries are turning to FTTH or FTTP models. Mississippi is the latest and plans to have the network connecting people in 2014.

You can watch the press conference announcing the plans in the video below.

More information at Engadget.

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