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Taking full advantage of the long weekend over Easter, I decided it’d be a great opportunity to get stuck into learning ASP.Net C# and Visual Studio 2010. Sure I could stumble my way through it and work it out, but a better, more efficient approach would be to learn from experts.

I’d heard of, but never used before, after searching their courses, they had exactly what I was after (and frankly pretty much everything). Naturally good things don’t come free, so it does cost money, however there’s an interesting pricing structure. You don’t pay per course or content accessed, but rather a single flat rate monthly fee which is fantastic. You can opt for premium plans if you want access to course materials, but for what I’m working on, I’m focused on the learning and can apply what’s being discussed with my ideas for Constructiv.

Being resourceful I searched through old Adobe CS registration benefits to discover I actually had a code for 30 days free of training –SCORE ! The 15-20 videos I’ve been through today have been awesome, I’m already much more comfortable with both ASP.Net and using VS2010. With so much to learn and a good experience, I’m likely to continue paying for the service.

Alternatively you can just pay for a month, learn what you need and move on. I love that payment structure.

Dual Monitor learning
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What better way to learn than on 2×27” monitors, one monitor dedicated to the training video, the other to your application – I highly recommend it.

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